Battle vs the Neural Networks

Fun game. In the end I had one move to win after a large combo. I found it, the neural net missed it and that is mate. Good game.

Proud to have found Rook to d8 after calculating out that sequence. Big thanks to my coach IM Andras Toth.

Chess Today

Was watching Sagar Shah of Chess Base India early this Thanksgiving morning.

Sagar is covering India vs Uzbekistan in the World Team’s 2022 Semi Finals.

It isn’t often I can help out Sagar in a Chess chat, but today was my chance to shine.

Sagar was remembering his childhood and early cartoons and couldn’t remember the name of the show Laff-A-Lympics (aka Scooby Doo’s All Stars).

As the only American typically there in chat, I was proud to represent our people and point India properly towards our cartoon culture.

Thanks for the Chess lessons during lockdowns Sagar.  Beginners Lessons, Openings, and End Games are all great series.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Compounding World

H. Bergeron LLC’s plastic company OHPARC: The Ohio Polymer & Additives Research Center was in Cleveland this week to support their Polymer Cost software at the annual Compounding World Expo.

ExxonMobil was the primary target, but it was a target rich environment for a plastics and additives guy.

Ran into friends at Reliance Mixers from Houston in Ketul Desai and Deepak Paranjpe.  Good people and great with mixers.

Spoke to Ketul about Chess some.  Hope to see him and his family across the chess board some day.

Founded 10-25-2021

H. Bergeron LLC was founded 10.25.21.

The primary two divisions of H. Bergeron LLC are the Business Services and Educational Services divisions.

Business Services are limited to LLC formation, web, email, IP phone systems, and general consulting.  If you are a small business or want to start one on minimal budget, we can help you get started and on the web and with a business line.

Educational Services are limited to the topics of Chess, Computer Programming, and Applied Entrepreneurship.

Call the office at 330.776.5394 to learn more.