Chess is a great game to grow your mind.  The ability to think of your move and then look at that new position from the opponent’s perspective and mentally make his best reply and then continue down the branches of choices is a key skill in chess and life.

We offer Chess instruction to all ages from infant to adult.  We deliver in person chess instruction on your schedule, customized to your skill level and provide our notes for the chess lesson as well as puzzles to do between classes (aka homework).  We also have a dedicated video conference capable of handling 25 participants for remote learning.

In general I teach chess based on the many works of American GM Yasser Seirawan, in particular his work for the St. Louis Chess Club.  Yasser’s complete works are more than enough for me and most chess players, but I also own the complete works of Russian GM Artur Yusupov.  Those 9 books are fantastic with lessons and a quiz to test your knowledge.  Other books I own and can recommend include American IM Jeremy Silman’s Reassess Your Chess and his Complete End Game Manual as well as Indian GM R.B. Ramesh’s Improve Your Chess Calculation.  Before starting any chess instruction though, I like to have you play a few games against one of our neural network sparring partners we use to assess improvement over time.  Click here to play a neural network designed to play like the average human, Maia 1.  Click here to play her big brother Maia 5Click here to take on her dad Maia 9.

H. Bergeron LLC Educational Services offers chess instruction to individuals and groups.  Once you have purchased the instruction, you are free to sell as many seats as you like and keep all the revenue just like our Educational Services in Computer Programming and Applied Entrepreneurship.  Call H. Bergeron LLC at 330.776.5394 to learn more about our Educational Services and Chess in particular.