Web Site & E-Mail

We provide your own .com web address, basic web hosting and design, and your .com branded email for a monthly cost of $20.

This is basic WordPress or Bootstrap site design and inexpensive shared hosting.  The .com address is any available on namecheap.com’s service at their lowest standard price (currently at $8.88 there, included for free here).

After basic set up, there should be no need to maintain a site other than security updates, which are free.  We do include 2 hours of support ticket service annually with each account.  Any additional service after that is available at $25 per hour.

Here at H. Bergeron, we are in the business of helping businesses. It is a widely cited statistic that 90% of all businesses fail in their first year.  Ours don’t due to our cost focus.  We don’t need a fancy website, we just need to service our customers.  If that sounds like your business, we can probably help for a rate that you can’t beat unless you do it yourself.  Contact Us and let’s get started.